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I was going to garden yesterday but it rained. So I spent the day trying to figure out C#. I know I need NET., but I really am not in the mood. What I have decided to do is rewrite the Sweater Machine in NET. My only problem with that is that I will either have to continue it as a web service or people will have to have NET. on their machine to run it.

At this point The Sweater Machine will only work with raglans and drop sleeves in the round. I am planning to put on setin sleeves. I still have to decide whether or not to write it for pieces. I don't make sweaters in pieces unless I am going nuts.

Morgen got inspired and is considering knitting a lace shawl. I need to knit a lace shawl. Margie took all of the ones I have knit when I moved out of there years ago. I simply haven't knit any (for me) since. I actually need one now - or at least a lightweight shawl.

My favorite shawl pattern is the Pi R Squared pattern. I have probably made a dozen of them. I even made one in garter stitch once (not sure why). I like the way it sits on my shoulders.

I don't think I have enough laceweight to do a shawl in any color I would wear. I really don't want to spin enough laceweight. I need to think about this some more. I know I don't want it in shetland, although I like the way shetland works up...shetland is just too scratchy for my sensitive skin.

:: Liz 4/12/2003 06:58:00 AM[+]

I am currently working on two pairs of socks. This does not include what is in my "I should be working on pile". One is a pair of lavender lace socks for Morgen. She chose both the color and "lace". I have a hard time believing it myself.

The ones I am making for me are a really nice soft sockwool. I don't remember the brand. They are striped grey. I like them a lot. One is finished, one is getting the heel turned.

I knit all my socks from the toe up, using Gibson-Roberts vertical cast-on. I then use a round heel (don't try a v-heel) to make the heel. This makes my gussets upside down (who cares) and makes it difficult to do a contrasting heel. Thus, I have stopped doing contrasting heel.

Soles of the feet are all in heel stitch - I firmly believe in the superstition that it gives more padding and wears out slower.

I should start working again on my summer shawl (it is in a beautiful hand-dyed boucle) but I am pretty sure I am going to end up giving it away. The color is perfect on Suzanne and is only so-so on me. I just would rather make stuff for me right now. I am feeling selfish, and I realized that I really don't own that much of my knitting.

I also have a gorgeous mohair entrelac sweater to finish. I stopped working on it around 5 or 6 years ago when i stopped knitting. I really wish I could remember how I was planning on dividing it for sleeves. I don't believe in drop sleeves, but I am getting scared that I am going to have to do that for this sweater. Still don't have any idea how I am going to divide it. Teaches me to not start sweaters from the bottom.

:: Liz 4/11/2003 05:14:00 PM[+]

I think that blogspot and I have some talking to do. I am having problems with their entire site.

I knit. I have been knitting for over 40 years. I have been programming for over 20 years. I am not sure if the knitting is not causitive.

:: Liz 4/10/2003 03:23:00 PM[+]

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