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Morgen decided to start blogging today. I hope she has as much fun with it as I am having. If she keeps it up I will buy the version with pictures for her. Until then, she gets the free stuff and the use of my tools. I do hope she changes her template though - hate the one she is using.

I vegged all day yesterday and today. I should have finished the cuff on the lavender sock - but decided to do nothing instead. Played games, worked on my template...class diagrams for the sweater machine.

I have a job interview Monday. Amazing. I felt like all my resumes were going into peoples garbage can.
:: Liz 4/19/2003 05:47:00 PM[+]

I went to Springwater today to buy yarn for Morgen's projects. I was extremely disappointed. Maybe it was because the girl behind the counter had no idea of what a dye skein was (and this is a place that made it's rep selling dye skein). I did get some info about old friends when Carolyn walked in.

We got some weaving alpaca to make the shawl. I am not sure we got enough (10 oz). Very fine, but alpaca is awful heavy. I am going to call tomorrow and try and get some more. We bought fingerlakes merino wheels for morgen's sweater. I am not sure if morgen is ready to knit it yet, but I think she probably can. I might need to help her a bit.

I really, truly wanted a dull purple mohair. It was reasonably priced, but Morgen needs braces. I bought a spinoff instead. I have no idea how any of the adults involved are going to finance these braces. One of her teeth actually grew in turned 180 degrees. I am proud of myself for putting the mohair down, but I know I am going to regret it for years. I would have used it either for a shawl (I have made at least one very succesful shawl from this mohair - a gift) or my normal mohair cardigan (my last one finally died). This was not a lavendar, it was a truly intense dull purple - a perfect color for me.

:: Liz 4/17/2003 05:39:00 PM[+]

I have broken 2 brittany 1's in the past 3 days. I hadn't lost any in the past few months, but I am still annoyed. I finally plunked down money I simply don't have and ordered two sets of CP dps in size 1. I have every size of their circulars (I made a set order before CP even sold them as orders) and love them - it is just that I don't think they are an honest 1. I really need a 0.

If Pony Pearls were a bit less springy I would use them on socks. But I hate the huge amount of springiness I get when I pick up stitches around the toe, or pick up a gusset. I like a very stable needle for those tasks. I also think the PP 0's are simply too springy for lace.

I love lace. It really is my favorite kind of knitting. I would probably love it more if I actually wore it. I once started a knitting book, started the samples and the charts. Part of the plan was to chart every lace in Barbara Walker's treasuries. This was before I got the bi-polar under control - so the knitting book went the way of all my projects at the time.

Morgen got a commission to knit a shawl yesterday. I took the time to explain to the recipient (long distance) that she really did not want a hand-knit, lightweight, chenille shawl. Morgen is probably going to make it out of Henry's attic merino now. Maybe shetland. She has the yarn for another shawl coming in the mail any day now - I want her to finish it before she starts on the commission - so she knows the hard parts.

I didn't get much done yesterday. Forgot my afternoon meds, so I was a bundle of nerves all evening. I have changed my med schedule and I am not used to it yet. Besides, breaking the second needle pissed me off so much I didn't bother to knit. And it is yet another re-run on West Wing.

I sent a snide letter to sock-knitters. I probably shouldn't have. I simply don't understand why somebody would buy a knitting pattern. Is it sooo hard (most of them go from top down) to gauge whatever pattern you have in mind, change it so the repeats will fit on your leg and knit down until you hit the heel? Are we talking deformed feet here? A new concept of heel or toe?

:: Liz 4/17/2003 07:40:00 AM[+]

Last night I did the gusset on morgen's lace sock and finished the gusset on the last grey one. I was going to complete the grey one at the James Carville speech Robyn and I were going to. We got there at 7:15 for a 7:30 speech, only to find out that they had been out of tickets since before 6. The City Paper didn't say we needed tickets.

Robyn and I decided that we were not going to let a chance for quality time with each other without children get away. So we went to the mall and she bought two outfits for work and a pair of shoes. I was informed by numerous shoe salesman that they no longer carry size 12, that I will have to mail order them. I really truly don't want to mail order shoes - I want to TRY THEM ON!!!! I did get all the good parts out of shopping without having to spend any money.

The laceweight that morgen was going to make her shawl out of started disintegrating. It might have been moths somewhere (it is at least 15 years old). This means that she is going to have to choose a different yarn for her shawl and PAY FOR IT HERSELF. She is considering jamison & smith jumper weight - I am ok with that.

I have a jewelry commision for morgen, but she doesn't know about it yet (she is asleep). Actually, Robyn wants morgen and I to work on it together - I think morgen's twists are tighter than mine.

Tomorrow is therapy. Aren't we all so lucky! I sometimes feel worthless because I don't have a job, sometimes I feel like I am back to doing what I love and my creativity is just running all over the place again. For 6 years, every creative impulse I had went into programming and design. I stopped making jewelry, I stopped knitting, I sort of stopped being me and became a code machine. I am an excellent software designer, it just isn't what rocks my world.

:: Liz 4/15/2003 07:10:00 PM[+]

I am soooo proud of my kid. She found a bunch of jamison & smith laceweight in the stash and asked if she could use it for a shawl. It is the ice blue, the yarn I made MY first pi R squared shawl in many years ago. She then decided to make it on size 3 needles (like me, she hates sleazy knitting).

She then went through the dictionaries and picked out Old Shale with no prompting from me. Old Shale is sort of my lace stitch of first choice usually. Robyn also uses a ton of it (we also both use arrowhead a lot). Morgen decided to make a pi R square when I pointed out that they are just MORE comfortable to wear than a triangle.

She asked me to cast it on when I suggested that the neckline be a provisional cast on (something I always recommend for this shawl). She then changed the pattern because her gauge is so much smaller than the pattern in the book.

She is lying on the couch, happily knitting away and trying to figure out how many different sorts of markers she is going to need. She is doing the ENTIRE thing herself besides the cast on. Not bad for somebody who just turned 16.

On my knitting front - I turned the heel on the last gray sock and almost finished the gusset during Nashville Star. Today I have moved back to morgen's lace sock... 4 more rows and I will turn the heel on it. I want her to have the socks before spring break ends.

:: Liz 4/13/2003 01:07:00 PM[+]

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