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I am hoping to get a lot of knitting time in today. Friends are coming over, that usually means I will knit a bit. First, I need to clean the basement (it is not going to get cleaned in time). mg and morgen are off buying a shopvac - they are tired of mopping the basement up.

I want to do some free form knitting. Unfortunately - the picture in my eye demands expensive, weird yarns. Some of them I can ply up myself - but I don't have any knitting ribbon. I am hoping that people will send me some remnants - I don't need a LOT of anything.

I said fuckit to morgen's lace sock last night. I found yet another mistake. I am starting the second sock - it is a much easier lace to do on dpns. I will the reknit the first sock. I think I also hate the lavender these socks are being knit in.

Mirabai is over right now. She is painting a nude of morgen for her high school ap painting class. So, morgen got her first try at nude modelling. She seems to have enjoyed it.
I have spent the morning trying to move morgen's blog. I ended up totally deleting it. I think there is a problem with blogger today.

I am working on the idea of giving knitting lessons. Probably the lessons would be more about design than about knitting - but I wouldn't mind giving lessons in basic skills.

:: Liz 4/26/2003 08:37:00 AM[+]

About the chicks

Because this is a very good article and everybody should read it.

:: Liz 4/25/2003 07:25:00 PM[+]

Yep, I finally took the quizzes (I AM an idiot)

Which of Henry VIII's wives are you?

this quiz was made by the changelings at Spookbot

Now this is a laugh.

See which Greek Goddess you are.

:: Liz 4/25/2003 05:50:00 PM[+]

I have been thinking about fussy knitting. This started when I realized that I had twisted a stitch in picking up a dropped stitch (my briefcase makes an awful knitting bag). It continued on my way to Fresh Fields this morning.

I am not a fussy cook, I am not a fussy knitter. The twisted stitch was in the ribbing of some socks I made for myself. These socks aren't being entered in any contest. While I took the trouble to cut a knot out of the yarn and weave in the ends so that they wouldn't show - I left the twisted stitch. I just don't care about it in a pair of very utilitarian socks. It is possible I will be ripping the cuffs of these socks (I think they are possibly too short and too tight) - I am not even going to do that until I have worn them and maybe washed them once.

I also know there is at least one error in Morgen's lace socks. I doubt anybody else but a knitter would find it. I don't see why most people would get close enough to morgen's feet to find it. I left it in. I also decided that I just wasn't up to the fussiness of a half drop pattern on dpns - so I am doing the second sock without the half drop - same leaf, just no half drop. A fraternal pair. She often wears odd socks anyway.

I am also not a fussy cook (but I am a fussy shopper). I don't "Plate" meals. I usually serve from the stove. I don't garnish ANYTHING. But people seem to think that I am a GOOD cook. They eat my food, they come back for more. I can't ask for more than that. I went to the store today knowing that there was NOTHING in the house to eat (I haven't felt like shopping recently). I am budgeting reasonably tightly. I will have two teenage girls for dinner tonight. I went to the store with the vague idea of brisket (my daughter and her guest love beef).

There was no brisket there. There were no chuck roasts there. I wasn't in the mood to make a dull pot roast from bottom round. So - I bought the family hamburger pack, a package of whole chicken leg/thighs (on sale for under a buck a pound) and some boneless chicken thighs. Tonight we will have cheezit meat loaf. We had it last week also, but it is mg's favorite food. I was also considering making a keema with the hamburger - but mg requested meatloaf when I got home. I do have fresh ginger (because I didn't know which I would be making) - so we will have chicken thigh curry either saturday or sunday. We Probably will have beans and rice saturday - because morgen requested it and I love it.

None of these dishes is the least fussy. They also aren't pretty dishes. They do have some things in common - I not only DON'T measure for them - I don't even have any idea what the measurements would be. I cook by eye, experience, taste. I can smell when I need more coriander in a curry, eye the amount of filler to put in a meatloaf, taste the beans and rice and figure out what herbs will go well.

I knit the same way. I have a good eye, a lot of experience and what a lot of people consider to be good taste.

:: Liz 4/25/2003 09:48:00 AM[+]

The laundry room just flooded. Luckily, most of the laundry was off the floor. This seems to happen regularly, and I think I am going to have to do something about it. All of our plumbing (oil, water heater, water softener) is in the (humongous) laundry room - I don't know what is causing things this time. Somebody will fix it, but it won't be me.

Tonight's task is to build a template for The Cards Talk. I am not sure what it is going to look like. The only pack I could find all the gifs for are rider/waite - not my favorite deck, but I am working with them for my class.

Other than finishing off the gray socks - I spent yesterday working on the new blog and the new stylesheets and templates. Actually, I just wove in the ends and put them on.

I think this might be the last version for a while.

Try the new blog at Mama Liz Says

:: Liz 4/24/2003 01:54:00 PM[+]

My heroines of the moment
:: Liz 4/24/2003 12:18:00 PM[+]

I finally got some knitting done today. I knit everything (and a bit more) that I had frogged from the gray sock. Note to self, that briefcase makes a lousy knitting bag. Somebody is coming over Saturday to pick at my stash, she needs sport weight wool. I need somebody to go to S&W and get Pam Bryan's phone number. It will be an even trade I think.

I miss Pam, haven't seen her since I stopped sheep & wooling. I didn't go the past few years because I simply wasn't knitting or spinning enough to make it worth it. I was making jewelry, dying fabric and working. Doing a tiny bit of quilting. Raising a kid. I knit a few afghans, but not out of any yarn I would get at sheep and wool. While I am not the Lion's brand nut that lots of people are, I think Homespun makes a great afghan. I also made slippers with leftovers, doubled. They don't work near as well as wool slippers. Actually, I need to take pictures of the last Homespun afghan and post it. If I didn't flinch at the idea of having to chart every winged shape (I did it in domino knitting 3/4 squares) I would send it to Lion as a pattern. It turned out pretty damn marvelous. Of course, it is probably lots more complicated than most Homespun users care about.

I am sleeping a lot. Allergies do that to me. I am rereading a bunch of Joan Hess. I am blogging. I finally got the template looking half-assed decent. I found commenting software. I dealt with a 16 year old on spring break. I am trying to stay healthy....I want to NOT be on chemo this May. I have been on chemo the past 6 Mays according to Dr's records. We think the allergies pull me out of remission. No, I don't have cancer, I have very bad auto-immune disease that we treat with a rather large dose of chemo.

I am going to take my pills, pick up _Mischief in Maggody_ and take a bath. mg will be home soon. Maybe we will spend some time together doing something besides eating or sleeping. I can think about knitting some more tomorrow.

I have a phone screen for an unknown job at 2:30 tomorrow. I hope it is for something decent. I really am not a gui developer and don't want to be forced into that role again. I don't like doing guis, although I have done tons of them by now.

:: Liz 4/22/2003 07:13:00 PM[+]

RIP Nina Simone

I am actually somewhat amazed at how much her death is upsetting me. I don't usually get upset at celebrities dying - the last two that really hit me were Waylon Jennings and Alan Kulwiki. Three very different people. Two of them died while old and ill. The other one died in an accident (I refuse to call it a "tragic" accident).

I don't remember how old I was when I first heard Nina. Probably somewhere in my teens. My mother and stepfather didn't play a lot of blues or jazz, they tended to play people like the Brother's Four or Barbra Streisand. One of the voices that has always echoed through my consciousness was Nina growling _The Pusher_. There have been very few songs that echoed through my life, but Nina sang a few of them. She caught me in my drugged-out gut and then twisted it around her fingers.

Waylon had me the same way. He sang that old chestnut - Good Time Charlie's Got the Blues. I bought the album, and I had no money in my then sodden state to buy albums. My money went to paying the rent or trying to keep my ex-husband in brandy. There wasn't a lot of room there for music that we didn't get at work. Luckily, we both worked in bars with music. But that was long ago and another day.

Nina has died. I don't like movies, but I will never forget Bridget Fonda covering her cell with Nina grafitti. When she said that her mother loved Nina, I felt old.

Nina Simone sang my life. I honor her for singing so many of our lives.

They call me Peaches

:: Liz 4/21/2003 06:17:00 PM[+]

I finally found a feedback site that is still taking users. I will try them for the two week time they suggest. It really would be nice if blogspot had a comment service that was part of pro.
:: Liz 4/21/2003 02:56:00 PM[+]

I interviewed for the job today. I would be doing the exact same thing as I used to do when i first broke into web work from the programming I used to do. I mean, it is hard to believe that the company is so primitive. I woud be doing Perl, ASP, maybe some C. Lots of VB. They don't use com objects because it is to hard to get to the customer's servers.

They do all their work on Unix workstations. This MIGHT make sense if they were building unix applications. Instead they are using Chilisoft ASP and then moving it to Windows. I am not sure if they are using Unix only because of security reasons (their excuse) or because they are just too cheap to buy winXP.

Of course, I will take the job with a smile if I get it. We need the money. I am scared that they are going to offer me the same money I made 7 years ago. I have more than doubled my price since then. But, we need the money and most importantly THE INSURANCE.

I brought my knitting with me in case I got caught in a traffic jam (this place is at quite a distance from my house). I got there early (no traffic jam) and discovered that I needed to rip the grey sock. Not all of it, just where I had moved to brittany needles. I have to put it back on the pony pearls - size 1's are just too damn big for this yarn. Luckily, I had only done a few rows on the brittanies.

This does mean that I will have a half set of brittanies free to work on morgen's second sock. I am doing it in the same lace pattern, but without the half drop...I had forgotten what a pain in the ass half drop was for socks.

I did almost no knitting yesterday - just a little bit on morgen's cuffs. Should finish them tonight during the professional wrestling. Me and Big Sexy (grin).

:: Liz 4/21/2003 12:55:00 PM[+]

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