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New Business

Morgen and I are going into a new business. Hopefully, it will keep Suzanne and the two of us in bead and fiber money. We are going to make and sell silver and semi-precious stone knitting tools. I will probably be doing a lot of design on the tools this week. Unfortunately, I just saw one of the things I was going to sell on patternworkds (for MUCH TOO MUCH MONEY).

I was considering markers for $5 a dozen, but I think I will have to make it at least a $1.00 a marker. Otherwise I will be seriously undercharging everybody else. Even doubled (for retail) this is under the going price. I think I am going to have to make the larger markers - so I will be having some labor costs there. Thin markers will need hammering.

I really am more excited about silver stitch holders and abaci. They give us some room for fun. I don't like the stitch markers that have beads hanging off them, but I should probably include them in the product line.

I actually got some knitting done today. Spending a lot more time reading right now though. I rarely knit in bed, and I am not enjoying sitting up. The second sock is now started - so I can either finish the first one or work on the second. I am determined to finish them this week, I have knitting I want to do. I also have a product line to design.

:: Liz 5/03/2003 10:54:00 AM[+]

Throwing with the left hand

I got curious and watched myself knit. This is not something I normally do - but I wanted to see how I hold the yarn and work it. It seems that when I knit I throw the yarn with my middle finger. I only pick when I purl. I don't think I know anybody else who throws with their left hand - but it sure works for me.

Actually, I am spending a huge amount of time reading right now. Not knitting. I am burying myself in mysteries. Considering rereading a whole bunch of Dorothy Dunnett also. I am forcing myself to finish these damn socks before I go and work on the sweaters that are brewing in my brain. Wouldn't bother with the socks if they were for me, but Morgen almost never asks me to knit for her. She might be a rotten kid (TM) but she is my rotten kid and deserves a pair of lace socks.

:: Liz 4/30/2003 05:28:00 PM[+]

Baby Girl doesn't like DPN's

I was trying to finish the damn socks last night while watching tv. BabyGirl decided that she HAD TO HAVE ATTENTION. Costrophane has no problem sitting on my lap when I am working on dpn's but not the smart baby (She is > 5 years old - but is STILL my baby). BabyGirl would not only not sit on my lap while I was knitting but got upset when a needle was on my lap (I had stopped knitting) and she decided it was poking her.

The cat really didn't want me to knit yesterday.

I am hoping to finish the damn socks (if I ever stop working on the political blog) and go back to the Pele sweater. I also HAVE to start spinning for a shawl. I haven't found any yarn I want for one - so I guess it is up to me. I also need to figure out some movie knitting. I am considering a scrap sweater, increases in middle of shoulders, back and front. I could use the diagonal as fat as I have been.

:: Liz 4/29/2003 01:06:00 PM[+]


Salon on the chicks

Forget the apology Maines issued to Bush a few days after the Associated Press first reported her words, or the stories that her comments had brought the band to the point of dissolution. Offered the chance to take it all back and make nice, the Dixie Chicks instead chose to turn the interview around. Sawyer wanted answers; the Chicks offered questions, hard questions. Sawyer wanted to talk about the damage they may have done to their career; the Chicks talked about the damage being done to America in an era where Vice President Dick Cheney has proclaimed "You're either with us or against us."

:: Liz 4/28/2003 05:45:00 PM[+]

I have been back on the knit lists for about 2 weeks. I had been off them for about 7 years. I am beginning to believe that I wouldn't miss them if I got off for another n years.

Come on people - a sock is a tube with a bend in it. One end is closed. If you are smart you won't have a seam on the closed end. If you want to make a patterned sock - open your copy of Barbara Walker, find a pattern whose repeat is 8 stitches (or preferably less) and knit the damn sock. Do not make it in worsted or bulky weight - socks should be made of a finer yarn so that

  1. They don't hurt your feet.

  2. You can get your foot into the damn shoe

  3. You have enough stitches to have some fun on the sock.

Socks (if at all possible) should have heel stitch soles and heels. There is a good reason this is called heel stitch. Lace socks should probably NOT have heel stitch soles unless you understand what a short row is and feel comfortable putting a few into your sock soles. This isn't rocket science - it is just that heel stitch doesn't have the vertical stretch of lace. If you are doing your sock foot in fair isle - you don't need to use heel stitch. If you are smart about your sole pattern you can get even more padding then heel stitch will give you.

Half-drop lace is not great for socks. This is because there is NEVER a good place to think of as ending the repeat. Why make double-pointed needles a challenge?

There really is nothing hard about using double-pointed needles. As my 16 year old says - "Hey, I am just using two of them at a time".

Tighten up the first and last stitch on your needles. TIGHT. If you don't you will get ladders. The ladders will disappear in the wash, but you will worry about them the whole time you are knitting.

Now you can design your own socks without having to have 3 notebooks full of sock patterns.

:: Liz 4/28/2003 07:46:00 AM[+]

Well, they are replacing the water heater as I type (actually, this being a Sunday, the plumbers are at Home Depot BUYING a VERY EXPENSIVE water heater). Any possible chance I had of going to S&W are now out the window. Probably a good thing, seeing that the wool room is flooded and as soon as they finish replacing the water heater I am going to have to wash at least 3 laundry baskets full of wool (most of the wool is on shelves or otherwise out of the way. We are going to have to retile the laundry floor very soon - all these floods have eaten into the tile. Luckily, there is concrete under the tile instead of wood. I figure it is going to take a few weeks to get the basement back to it's normal chaotic state.

I really want to thank people who are sending me bits of novelty yarn. There is no way I could justify buying it at this time. I dislike asking for favors.

Knitting related - I really like the lace I finally settled on for Morgen's second sock. The first one is definitly going to be frogged. This was not a case of fussy knitting - I grit my teeth everytime I looked at the sock....I KNEW the design was wrong - I just didn't want to deal with it. The new sock does NOT have a padded sole, it is too hard to decide how many short rows you really need to have a padded sole stretch at the same rate as a lace upper. Maybe you don't worry about these things, but i do.

Blogspot is screwing around with my sanity. There are some really strange errors on it this weekend. Maybe they just don't want me to run 5 different blogs at one time...but they say it is ok.

I am considering futzing around somemore with my template. Adding shtml and such to it. Probably won't do it right now - I would rather play games, read blogs and (occasionally) knit.

I guess I am not going to buy the wrassling pay per view tonight. Bad habit anyway.

:: Liz 4/27/2003 12:50:00 PM[+]

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