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A month ago morgen got her first commission - a white shawl for a friend to wear to mass. Exactly one month later (today) she finished knitting it. I am SOOOO proud of her. Don't let anybody tell you that teenagers can only knit bulky shapeless things.

The shawl won't get blocked until later this weekend (we need the bed we will be blocking on). If I find my blocking board and wires - it MIGHT get blocked sooner. Pictures of blocked shawl will be posted when it is blocked.

:: Liz 5/17/2003 11:32:00 AM[+]

:: Liz 5/16/2003 09:37:00 AM[+]

RIP June Carter Cash

June died today. She was a special person, and she is probably responsible for keeping Johnny alive. I am a country fan (not a Hot New Country fan) and I have always loved June, even when she was singing off key.

She was voted one of the top 40 women in Country music - although she only had one or two hits. They actually said when she was awarded this, that if she had never sung a note, she would deserve it for keeping Cash alive.

The L & N doesn't stop here anymore.

:: Liz 5/15/2003 08:26:00 PM[+]

Ok, it is not about knitting -but it is important

I love Molly Ivins
There is no excuse for this, and blaming it on the deficit will not wash. We all knew going in that some terribly hard choices would have to be made, but what in the name of heaven was the governor thinking when he had handicapped people arrested? These were citizens who came to their capital to protest budget cuts affecting them, and they get arrested. Maybe it was because they were in wheelchairs -- don't even have to be hauled away, they can just be rolled away.

Most of us thought it was pretty funny when Rep. Debbie Riddle popped out with her now-classic statement: "Where did this idea come from that everybody deserves free education, free medical care, free whatever? It comes from Moscow, from Russia. It comes straight out of the pit of hell."

Amusing as that was, the House has been doing its dead-level best to destroy both public education and public health. They've taken 250,000 poor children off the Children's Health Insurance Program, and the schools are in dire straits. As the Austin American-Statesman pointed out in an editorial, these same fine thinkers did manage to find $10 million to appropriate for cow research and $300 million for Gov. Perry to woo companies to Texas.

Of course, there have been some lovely moments we can celebrate, like the day Speaker Tom Craddick decided that the new ethics reform law should be debated in a backroom, closed-door session. Amazingly enough, the proposed ethics law was weakened and watered down behind the closed doors!

I think a special salute for clear thinking should go to the House for its amazing decision to cut the program that pays for medications for mentally ill people who are out of prison on probation or parole. Is this brilliant? Now these people will be wandering around the state without their meds.

:: Liz 5/15/2003 07:30:00 AM[+]

:: Liz 5/14/2003 06:44:00 AM[+]

Urgghhh, it looks like I have a few months of knitting LB Homespun again. And a pattern that does nothing for me. But it is for a good cause. My sort of godson is now 7 and has a baby brother. I haven't knit anything for Byron since he was in utero - and he requested "an afghan just like Mom's". He did ask for different colors. So we went to Michaels today and bought the yarn. His mom paid for it.

This kid does take care of his stuff. He keeps stealing the afghan I made his parent's for the housewarming to put on his bed. He wants the same fabric. Face it, Homespun is great for afghans - and I am not going to make a wool afghan for him. This mother is also supposed to be as big as the one on the couch - he likes to roll up in it. Well, it is the best movie knitting I have ever done.

I am still trying to figure out where I am going to get the capital to buy the yarn I need for the design I want for ample-knitters. I am going to try to get it sometime this month. I figure I need 2 pounds of Jamison's - and I know exactly what colors. I want to do one colorway in Jamison shetland and one colorway in a yet to be identified dk weight that is more available in yarn stores. I am still charting out the design - this is going to be challenging knitting on a Wendy scale.

:: Liz 5/13/2003 05:08:00 PM[+]

Who is your favorite war criminal?

Bush Regime Playing Cards

:: Liz 5/13/2003 10:19:00 AM[+]

Thoughts on Design

I picked up a shawl that has been hanging around for a while, knitted it on the way to Delaware to visit MIL.

This shawl started out with yarn that looks like this.

Beautiful hand-dyed mini-boucle. I must have bought it nearly 10 years ago. I am almost certain it comes from Pam at Puckerbrush Farms. She has always been my favorite dyer. I then let it gather dust for a few years while I knit on other things, quit knitting because I was too frustrated at work, did other stuff.

Every so often I would look at this yarn and swatch it. It certainly did NOT want to be what I wanted it to be (a summer cardigan). In fact it resisted every idea I had. It looked awful in stockinette, and did not want to be tightly knit. I did not want to put a lot of pattern into something that is this busy (both color and yarn). Sometime last year I decided I desperately needed a shawl (all of mine either disappeared in a move that took place about 8 years ago). I swatched it one more time - this time in feather & fan. It LOVED feather and fan - but it was not going to be a tight feather & fan. I told this yarn to behave, made a provisional cast on, and started a Pi R Square shawl (always my default for a shawl).

This yarn loves being a shawl, and it loves feather & fan. It looks like the ocean. I can make an error in the count and it doesn't mind. Nobody will EVER see an error in this yarn. One of the neat things about this (my own personal version) of f&f has going for it is that I switch between stockinette and garter randomly within the rows and I also don't care how many repeats are between lace rows. I WANT texture and I want at least the impression of random waves.

I knit enough to realize that the shawl worked, then I threw it in a knitting bag and forgot about it. I haven't been going places recently - so my designated car and party knitting (this shawl) just didn't get worked on. BESIDES - I had made a terrible discovery about the shawl. This shawl doesn't want to be mine! I am a sallow brunette - this shawl is for a ruddy blonde. But - guess what - one of my three best friends is a ruddy blonde, and she doesn't knit.

This is where the shawl is now. I swear I am going to finish it anydaynow. I need to finish it so that I can finally make a shawl for myself. Although I am trying to get into the design business - I can't write a pattern for this shawl. How do you write a pattern that says "Do what you want with this lace". So I also have to finish the shawl (and the only other gift I currently have on the needles) in order to make a pattern I can sell.

:: Liz 5/11/2003 03:48:00 PM[+]

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