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Good news for all of us

N.C. Police Nab Olympics Bombing Suspect
After a massive manhunt that included infrared scopes on helicopters and logs rigged with motion detectors, it was ultimately a rookie officer on patrol at 4:30 a.m. who spotted a man with a camouflage jacket, blue work britches and a stubbly beard behind a Save-A-Lot food store.

The man who has been on the run for more than five years took off running one more time and finally gave up behind a pile of milk crates. At first, he gave the fake name Jerry Wilson, but officers who recognized him as one of the most wanted men on U.S. soil pressed him on his identity for 20 minutes.

"They asked him his name and he said it was Eric Robert Rudolph," said Cherokee County Sheriff Keith Lovin.

Officer Charles Kilby said Rudolph appeared to sigh with the admission and added: "I'm relieved."

Rudolph is accused in the July 27, 1996, bombing at Atlanta's downtown Olympic Park that killed a woman, wounded 111 others and stunned a world focused on the fanfare of the 25th modern Summer Olympics.

Rudolph is also a suspect in a bombing at an abortion clinic in Birmingham, Ala., that killed a police officer, and bombings outside a gay nightclub and an office building in Atlanta that contained an abortion clinic.

In all, about 150 people were wounded.

:: Liz 5/31/2003 04:09:00 PM[+]

A good evening

The house is picked up, people have come and gone, I made one of the best bean soups I have ever made. I even got a lot of knitting done. What more can a girl ask for? Well, new people would be nice, but everybody who showed up today was a person who I have known for a while and care for. I was requested to hold another stitch & bitch within a month - because that way people get out of their houses and talk to people. So next month there will be another one. I am not sure of the exact date yet.

I am reaching the home stretch of the swatch. I am not sure about putting a picture of the swatch on the blog - but I probably will. It is kinda hard to figure out what is going on there - all sorts of ideas are in it. Mary (one of my closest friend in the entire world) wants the sweater when it is done. She certainly fits the definition of ample, and she will be a beautiful model - I just am not sure if I can give this sweater up. Besides, I have a feeling that I will be submitting it to magazines, at least that is what I have planned to do from the beginning. At least submit it to J&S for their books.

What am I knitting now? The swatch is number one on my hit parade. Byron's afghan is number two (it is in the car because I can knit on it in my sleep). There are morgen's socks - almost finished - but at a stage I need her to try them on (I need to know if it is time to increase for her calf). We both keep forgetting about them - because we are both much too interested in our other knitting. There is the entrelac sweater to finish (but I don't really care when I finish it). Suzanne's shawl - which should be upstairs but isn't. We can't find all the yarn for it - so i am sort of scared of getting too deep into it. I just hope the yarn is not lost forever.

I got some beautiful silk/wool and some beautiful wool in the mail. I really want to start a shawl for me in it. It is just that everything else takes priority right now. I feel I can start it is as soon as the afghan or the fair-isle sweater is done - not before - those two have to be finished first.

I am beginning to get the hang of .NET controls and am working out the palette mechanism. So even the coding is rather fun.

:: Liz 5/30/2003 08:56:00 PM[+]

:: Liz 5/29/2003 09:43:00 AM[+]

Code, cats and cleaning

I am having a stitch & bitch here Friday night, might have women's group here a week from Saturday. In other words, I have to be able to at least see the floors upstairs. Normally, morgen would be home Friday afternoon to help, but she is staying at a friend's house, going to a party. I would rather morgen did the friend thing then clean (usually) - so it is all on me. mg picked up the boxes in the living room and says he will do the recycling today, but I think that is about the limit of cleaning I am going to get out of him.

I don't think the couches are going to get vacumned. People better bring their sudafed. 4 cats leave an awful lot of hair on furniture. I am getting the floors vacumned incrementally (when I walk through the room I vacumn another piece). There is only one dirty dish in the kitchen and mg isn't going to be home for dinner. I still have to wash the kitchen floor, try to figure out what to do with the counter next to the fridge (a constant source of tsuris) and clean the bathrooms. Get the shit off the bedroom floor. This SHOULD be doable by tomorrow - I have a brunch to go to and there is NO food in the fridge.

Problem is, I am SLOOOOOW. I hate cleaning and don't do it well. My body objects to too much of it. Bathrooms are only going to get cleaned if mg pulls me off the floor later. This girl was not made for stoop labor.

Morgen wants new kittens - she is not getting them unless the basement gets clean. I can't stand it anymore, and mg is past that point.

Code - I am trying to design a replacement for Stitch Designer and Stitch & Motif Maker. Neither of them is good for what I am trying to do right now (a panel fair isle). I think there is probably a market for a stitch designer that is not totally out of date. The good thing about this is that it is finally forcing me to learn .NET. That is why I was up all night.

I pulled the World for my action card today - not bad if I say so myself. Knitting is going very slowly, as I have so many other things I need to do right now.

:: Liz 5/29/2003 09:35:00 AM[+]

Ya'll might want to know about this

Tax Law Omits Child Credit in Low-Income Brackets
Most taxpayers will receive a $400-a-child check in the mail this summer as a result of the law, which raises the child tax credit, to $1,000 from $600. It had been clear from the beginning that the wealthiest families would not receive the credit, which is intended to phase out at high incomes.

But after studying the bill approved on Friday, liberal and child advocacy groups discovered that a different group of families would also not benefit from the $400 increase — families who make just above the minimum wage.

Because of the formula for calculating the credit, most families with incomes from $10,500 to $26,625 will not benefit. The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, a liberal group, says those families include 11.9 million children, or one of every six children under 17.

"I don't know why they would cut that out of the bill," said Senator Blanche Lincoln, the Arkansas Democrat who persuaded the full Senate to send the credit to many more low income families before the provision was dropped in conference. "These are the people who need it the most and who will spend it the most. These are the people who buy the blue jeans and the detergent and who will stimulate the economy with their spending."

Ms. Lincoln noted that nearly half of all taxpayers in her state had adjusted gross incomes that were less than $20,000.

Families with incomes lower than $10,500 will also not receive the refund checks. But under the 2001 tax revision, they would not have been eligible for either the $600 or the $1,000 credits because they do not pay federal taxes. Proposals to give them the credits failed on the House and Senate floors on party-line votes.

The Senate provision that did pass was intended to help those families making $10,500 to $26,625 who do pay federal taxes and could have taken all or part of the $600 credit. The provision, which would have cost $3.5 billion, would have allowed those families to receive some or all of the extra $400 in the new law.

:: Liz 5/29/2003 08:58:00 AM[+]

Not Knitting

Actually, I haven't had time to knit in the past few days. I am too busy being furious at Bush and Congress. I also got so fed up with Stitch Designer that mg and I are cooperating in writing a replacement. This is going to feel strange to me - I have never worked on what is basically a gui only program before. I am going to have to learn a lot more about graphics than I ever cared to.

I prefer the gui for stitch & motif maker - but it is nowhere near as flexible. I think Cocheneille has the market because even though it is out of date and hard to use - you can USUALLY do what you want in it - even if you do have to recolor every stitch individually.

I am furious with Bush because I believe we are going to be at war with Iran within 6 months. Goddess, we don't even have the power turned on in Iraq yet. The republicans are leading us into both a state of perpetual war and a state of perpetual poverty. Bless this land, we need it.

:: Liz 5/28/2003 07:15:00 AM[+]

More Design

Thursday I talked about how I am constantly refactoring the fair-isle design. Well, I am not sure, but I think the design is finalized. One of the greens is probably too blue, but it looks good from a distance. I was worried about seperation around the greek keys - but they look good. There is no question anymore about strong verticals - they are now STRONG.

Some of the panels might have thicker color blocks than I might like, but it means that the sweater pattern shows up from a distance.

I think that I should probably swatch for another few hours today - block my swatch, and then cast on the sweater.
:: Liz 5/26/2003 06:13:00 AM[+]

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