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Middle Class Tax Share Set to Rise

The result is that a broad swath of lower-middle, middle- and upper-middle-income people, as well as some rich Americans, will carry a greater share of the federal tax burden after the laws passed in the past three years are fully implemented. While taxes are scheduled to decline for all income groups, those earning more than $28,000 but less than $337,000 will end up paying a greater share of the taxes than they did before the changes.
:: Liz 6/04/2003 07:58:00 AM[+]

Guess who gets her drugs from Canada

Canada Fills U.S. Prescriptions Under the Counter
The parties and the discount stores, which refused to discuss their precise fees, are the latest manifestation of the conflict created by the enormous differences in prescription drug prices around the world. Even as governments in almost every industrialized country mandate steep cuts in drug prices, American consumers are paying among the highest prices in the world, and those prices are increasing annually.

The rising prices have led many Americans, especially elderly consumers on fixed incomes, to reach across international borders for their medicines. Cross-border prescription drug sales have soared to as much as $650 million annually, according to IMS Health, a company that tracks drug sales.

Federal regulators largely looked the other way when consumers first began to obtain prescription drugs from Canadian pharmacies through Web sites. But now that retail outlets are opening in the United States, federal and state health authorities are taking action.

[On Tuesday, Judge Bryan C. Dixon of Oklahoma County District Court in Tulsa granted an injunction requested by the Oklahoma State Board of Pharmacy to close an Rx Depot there but put the closing on hold pending an appeal.]

The F.D.A. is mulling its next move after sending a warning letter on March 21 to an Rx Depot in Lowell, Ark., outlining why the entire industry violates federal law.

"We see a lot of drugs coming in the mail that are counterfeit," said Bill Hubbard, an associate commissioner of the F.D.A. "Patients are gambling with their health."

Neither Canadian health authorities nor the F.D.A. guarantee the safety of drugs imported from Canada.

But Barbara Harbin, the proprietor of Discount Rx Connection here, denies there is any problem with the quality of the medications she helps obtain. A 44-year-old wife, mother and former Catholic-school fund-raiser, she said that she would never do anything to hurt her patients and that she even helped her father order drugs.

:: Liz 6/04/2003 05:26:00 AM[+]

Hey, it isn't just the kids (From the Onion)

Bush Visits U.S.S. Truman for Dramatic Veteran's -Benefits-Cutting Ceremony

With more than 5,400 jubilant Marines and sailors cheering him on, President Bush landed on the deck of the U.S.S. Harry S Truman in a Navy jet Monday to preside over a historic veterans'-benefits-cutting ceremony.

Above: Bush prepares to symbolically cut veterans' benefits on the deck of the U.S.S. Harry S Truman.

"Your brave and selfless service to your country will not soon be forgotten," Bush told the recently returned Operation Iraqi Freedom soldiers. "At least, not for another five or ten years."
:: Liz 6/04/2003 04:57:00 AM[+]

Not much knitting

I am blogging away (the government has been busy) and trying to figure out how to do array's of events in C##. I have some neat ideas in mind. I will spend tonight reading about Graphics programming with the GDI+. Somehow or another I don't think this is going to be of major interest to the readers of this blog.

If I have time I will finish the swatch. If I finish the swatch I might post pictures of it (but it is VERY confusing).

:: Liz 6/03/2003 04:21:00 PM[+]

Not My President

Bush to Head Start backers: Shut up!

On May 8, the Bush administration sent a letter to Head Start programs nationwide warning them in chirpy, bureaucratic language to shut up about the president's policies toward the early childhood program.

The letter, signed by Windy Hill, associate commissioner of the Head Start Bureau in the Department of Health and Human Services, was a response to a campaign by the private, nonprofit National Head Start Association urging Head Start parents and employees to write or e-mail their representatives to protest what they say is the president's dismantling of the program. "Your political activities are governed and, in many ways, restricted or limited by federal law," Hill's letter said.

It goes on to suggest, without citing examples, that the Head Start letter writers had misused federal funds, a charge the association vigorously denies. "Simply stated, the request by the advocacy group [the National Head Start Association] appears to encourage Head Start programs to use Head Start program funds and/or staff in a manner that is in direct violation of the laws that govern your political activities. If information will be or has been disseminated pursuant to a request from an advocacy group, that dissemination would constitute promotion of lobbying, which is a prohibited use of Federal funds. If a grantee has done this, it must prove that Federal funds, or resources purchased with those funds -- such as Head Start staff time and facilities -- were not used as requested by the staff group."

:: Liz 6/03/2003 04:18:00 PM[+]

Another Sleepless Night

I woke up from a nasty ass nightmare, and have just stayed up so far (it is now 5:30 am). Luckily, I decided to use my time somewhat productively, and figured out a whole lot of my palette control. I am having loads of fun with this.

Watched the new Wire last night with mg. Didn't want to have idle hands so I ripped the heel out of morgen's second sock and put it back in. I wouldn't have had to do this except it was easier ripping than trying to get the instep back on the needles that had fallen out. Lace does not take well to losing needles. So, now the socks are going merrily on their way. I would have worked on the afghan instead, but it is in the car.

I have almost finished the swatch, but I realize there is another pattern I want to put in it. I might, I might not. I am not as satisfied as I would like to be with the central pattern, it might move to the sides. My other choice is to take a tip from Starmore and have REALLY LONG FLOATS. I don't want really long floats but some spots just might get them in the interest of design.

:: Liz 6/02/2003 02:42:00 AM[+]

:: Liz 6/01/2003 06:40:00 AM[+]

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