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:: Liz 6/14/2003 10:03:00 AM[+]

:: Liz 6/14/2003 09:53:00 AM[+]


Bitch bitch bitch

I now remember why I stopped doing production knitting. And why I stopped knitting at all when I started programming full time. My right wrist is killing me. Luckily, I have a very tight elastic fingerless glove (I cut the fingers off a pair of gloves years ago and a STRAP ON icepack. I swear by the icepacks. Moved my chair up to put less pressure on my mouse hand (right), so now I can barely walk on the new knee. I figure the wrist will be fine tomorrow if I let myself stop.

When some orthopod suggests that you replace your knee with plastic - just say no. Especially if you have auto-immune disease. Right now I have no health insurance (but this should change soon) and I don't want to go find out if I am rejecting the damn thing. I have been worried about this for years now, but the knee is almost exactly 1 year old now.

Also, never decide to rip a sweater while you are on a demerol pump (this is from the past - not now).

The rest of the yarn I need is now at Yarns International. I have to pick it up - but mg wants me to at least have a simple story going on the stitch machine. I just threw out what I had (it worked on only a few levels) and I am redoing it. I want to have the palette working and at least some idea of a menu. I also need to come up with some structure for saving the files. I am certain that parts of it are going to be based on xml - but I am not putting ALL the stitches in a grid in xml.

As soon as the palette works on some level (probably by noon tomorrow) I will go pick up the damn yarn. Or I might wait for the middle of the week.

:: Liz 6/13/2003 07:28:00 PM[+]

Knitters for Choice

There is march being called for March for ChoiceApril 25, 2004. This was announced today, and it seems like there is a ton of seed money behind it. Also, I really trust the people who are organizing it, a mixture of unions and women's organizations.

I would like to see knitters represented at this march. I would happily go with a bunch of knitters. I would also put knitters up for this march. Would anybody be interested in having a craft presence at this march?

On the personal knitting front, I have decided the spiral is leaving the sweater. Yes, the design started because I wanted the spiral in it. Unfortunately, I can make a good looking spiral or an easily knitable spiral. I think the spiral will move to another sweater. I have a good design, and sometimes good design means taking something out that you really want.

:: Liz 6/10/2003 07:31:00 PM[+]

I am bad

I haven't done much on the knitting front in a few days. I am just totally unhappy about the spiral. I think I might get rid of it (which would be a pity - it was the base of this design) and play with it some more in another design. The sweater would look as good (possibly better) with a turkish motif in the middle. But the whole sweater is going on hold for a bit. This is because I realized that I need to graph a 125 x 20 grid and have it accurate. This is not going to happen with stitch designer.

There are certainly other projects that are aching to be finished. I am putting the sweater away for about a month. I had to rip morgen's socks, there was a dropped stitch I couldn't repair (right in the gussett. Actually, I think I cut the yarn accidently. So, the socks go back on top of the priority pile (along with Byron's afghan) and I can think of starting my black lace shawl.

What takes top priority in my life is the stitch program. I am curious as to what other people want in a stitch & motif program. Stitch Designer has a lot of the right ideas, but it has a poor feel for regions, rows and columns. Stitch & Motif maker isn't strong enough in any respect - especially in putting a limit on the number of stitches you can graph. It does have a much pleasanter user interface. It also numbers the rows and columns. This is a goodness.

So, my priority list right now is
Get the palette in the Stitch Machine working.
Knit socks
Knit afghan (during movies and such)
Start something beautiful for me
Finish very heavy entrelac sweater.
Plan the second sweater in the series (it will be an aran)

:: Liz 6/08/2003 01:31:00 PM[+]

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