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:: Liz 6/21/2003 10:06:00 AM[+]

Last Night was a blast

New people showed up and they were fun. People who I want to see again. I want to sit at least one of them in a pile of yarn and say here are some needles, just make it do what you want it to.

Robyn's new jacket is gorgeous. Morgen stayed awake the whole stitch & bitch. mg even joined us and had fun.

:: Liz 6/21/2003 10:02:00 AM[+]

Not Knitting

I am concentrating on the programming right now, but I am considering building the graph in parts and start knitting on it (I can't resist much longer). Finishing off a few pairs of socks.

There are times in my life where knitting has only a small part in it. This month seems to be one of them.

:: Liz 6/18/2003 09:01:00 AM[+]

:: Liz 6/18/2003 09:00:00 AM[+]

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