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:: Liz 7/19/2003 03:24:00 PM[+]

Should I redo it?

I discovered that the rust stripe is one row too low. Now I have to decide whether to

  1. say screw it and rip to the ribbing and do everything right,
  2. start it again, from the top down with a shaped steek for the neckline
  3. just leave it how it is and figure that nobody is going to stare at the first repeat.

Vote on it.

:: Liz 7/18/2003 09:34:00 PM[+]

Today's report.

Patch is helping me knit. When she wants me to stop, she just sleeps on the sweater.

The colors are still off. Also, I think there is too much yellow in it now. The next repeats are going to only have 2 rows of yellow on either side of the rust. If anybody complains that the first repeat isn't exactly alike, they are looking too close. This is a good place to wrinkle it for pictures.

:: Liz 7/17/2003 08:19:00 PM[+]


We are discovering moth eaten stuff in the yarn room. Not everything by any means, but some shetland and a cone of cashmere blend (that I thought was lost).

I am scared about going through all of this. I think a lot is clean, but I don't know anymore. I am considering bug bombing the yarn room, does anybody know if this will help? I hate putting toxins into my house.

This is what I get for not knitting for a few years while trying to support a family. Of course, it wouldn't hurt to cut down on the yarn quantity (after all, I do have a room for yarn and roving).

:: Liz 7/17/2003 03:30:00 PM[+]

What causes the doldrums?

I am over the knitting doldrums. I think I know what caused them for me. I had many so many changes in the sweater without swatching first - (yes I know that I am an idiot) that I think I was constantly scared at what was going to happen next.

Well, I finished a color sequence. It worked. It isn't perfect, but I also do not have perfect colors available to me. If I had my way, Jamison's would have better blues and purples (so I could have done the sweater in purple) or would have at least one more green without too much blue in it. But part of this exercise is to work in stock yarns.

The color sequence is totally different from what I had planned on. Part of this is because what I had planned to be my main color in the detail (moss) has become the main background color. The next color worked with moss so well that it got lost. This is why I ripped 2 days ago. I needed to be able to see color separation in those rows.

So I changed the back ground color for a few rows to Pine. Now I had to put in detail without having the whole sweater begin to look like it was in granny smith. I think I succeeded. I split what was going to be a 6 row stretch of moss into 3 rows of granny smith and 3 rows of yellow. It looks right now. The granny smith is started with the moss as background and ends with the pine as background. This makes it look a little more complicated (and I think better) without adding knitting complications.

I woke up this morning and immediately started knitting. The sweater design now seems to be stable, and I am no longer going to it scared.

Now I have to stop knitting and do some stuff on the refinance. I hate paperwork. I also hate searching through files I am not in charge of.

Both my hamstrings are pulled. I am not sure what to do about it.

:: Liz 7/17/2003 07:21:00 AM[+]

Finally a picture

A picture of where we have got to so far. Not a great picture, and the beige/green looks blue to me. The pine also looks dark blue.

It took so long because I ripped 4 rows last night and trusted in myself to get it right this time. I think I got it right. I like it. I am not going to knit anymore tonight because

  1. My hands hurt
  2. Morgen and mg have turned the lights out in the basement to watch a movie.
  3. I am going to lie in bed and reread the new Harry Potter (Morgen finally finished it)

I will do an essay on how I got to here tomorrow, when I am a little farther from it and there isn't a bad movie going on in front of me (I hate movies for the most part).

Robyn (my partner in crime) and I have decided we are going to the knitting weekend by the sea that Annie is sponsoring. I hope some of you will be there.

More cats

Patch, the most beautiful cat in the world (my baby)

Kelric, mg's cat and the absolutely nicest cat I have ever met.

:: Liz 7/16/2003 06:35:00 PM[+]

:: Liz 7/16/2003 07:40:00 AM[+]

I feel accomplished

I got the website where I want it (at least temporarily) and learned movable type. Put two blogs on the website - one of them IS the front page. I am planning on it only having one article at a time on it.

I only got a few rows knit (I have been obsessive about my web work) but now I can relax and actually knit. In fact, I don't really have a choice - my neck hurts so much I have to get off the machine for a while. I thought putting the screen up would help - I was wrong. It looks like I am going to have to get new glasses. But I have to give my neck a rest - so I will sit in my comfy chair and knit (and maybe read).

Some pictures (because I don't usually post pictures)

Look, an old picture of me - for all those people who were curious.

The swatch with the old scheme

What it looks like right now

Morgen's cat
:: Liz 7/14/2003 04:04:00 PM[+]

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