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Lets hope this works

We went and tabled for Dean this morning. Morgen and I went to the Reston Farmer's Market, mg went to Fall's Church. Really good turnout. Last night I discovered that I was now familiar enough with my pattern to hold a conversation while knitting. So, I took my knitting with me to the tabling. Didn't get a whole lot done, but that is just fine, I talked to a lot of people who are really up for Dean. I am amazed at how many people (in this very political area) are planning to support him. Makes me feel good.

I am going to rip the entire neckband when I finish this thing. Not just the top of it. Because of where the pattern starts in the front, I need to do the pickup with bottle green, not moss. So the neckband will start as bottle and moss, then go wherever I decide. I want to get some pictures up, stuff looks GOOD, but we haven't had time to do pictures today. I actually took a nap. It is hard for me to be outside for any real length of time, auto-immune disease does this to you. Morgen is now napping (she had to work this afternoon). Sooner or later we will get the pictures taken and downloaded.

Technical bitch -

The last time I tried to post it didn't work - I was trying to use w.bloggar. For some reason I can't get blogspot to work with it anymore. Pisses me off, I would like to use one tool for all my blogs.

I can't find any tool that I really like for both movable type and blogspot. I can't even find one I like for just movable type. w.bloggar is the best of them, but it seems to always put me in the wrong blog when I try to blog to unemployedfordean (where I manage 3 blogs). Zempt treats the blogs correctly, but it doesn't upload files correctly. I almost am ready to actually read the api and write my own tool that will do whatever I want it to do. At least I would stay programming (and on something other than graphics - I really do hate writing graphics programs).

:: Liz 7/26/2003 04:03:00 PM[+]

Buddy Jewell

No, I haven't knit a stitch today and probably won't.

Robyn and I went to a free Buddy Jewell concert (well, not really a concert - more of a meet and greet) at a mall about an hour from my house. I could have lived without her deciding to get an autograph (and we forgot to bring a camera), but I had a good time. Buddy Jewell has a lot of Waylon energy about him (looks a lot like a youngish, chunky Waylon), but doesn't have quite Waylon's edge. Of course, most people would not be terribly comfortable with Waylon's edge. Think Folk-Country instead of Waymore's blues. Jewell also probably has an octave more in range than Waylon.

Mostly he is absolutely gorgeous. I am not into small men. If I was a young girl still I would probably be throwing panties at him or doing the groupie thing. This is a mature, gorgeous man - everybody should lust after at least one (if you lust after men at all).

Part of it was spending time with Robyn. We used to spend hours together, often daily. Then I went to work, then she went to work. Now she has a great job, and I don't have one at all. It is like we switched places. We are going on a knitting retreat together, and are trying to spend time together, but family, job and life gets in the way.

All my closest friends have jobs now. It used to be that *I* was the one who had a job.

:: Liz 7/24/2003 07:21:00 PM[+]


Have I ever told you how much I hate working on a 16" needle? Or how much I hate doing corrugated ribbing? Yah, I thought I did, but I will tell you about it again.

I put the neckband on the sweater. I didn't have enough circs in the correct size - so I did it on a 16 instead of two circs. And THEN I bound it off in a way that I would never ever use on a sweater. Now, why would I put a sloppy bindoff on a beautiful sweater?

Easy, I KNOW I am going to rip the binding out and probably add to the length of the ribbing once I have the sweater finished. I am not sure about the proportions yet. And if you have ever ripped a tubular sewn bind-off you know why I didn't put the correct bind off on it. But I now have a neckband, I know it will fit over my head without straining (very important, and I will have a much better idea of fit as I continue with the sweater.

I think the neck is a little higher than I wanted it. This is not something I am going to worry about. If it is TOOO high I will just put another neckband in lower and then sew and cut. Yep, I am bad. I think the neckband will be ok though.

No pictures because Morgen has already gone to bed. I haven't figured out how to get the memory card out of the camera and into the memory card reader. I didn't use to be a technical illiterate, I wonder what has happened to me.

:: Liz 7/23/2003 08:46:00 PM[+]

Today is a loss

I spent the day working on my new website instead of knitting. I will probably knit tonight. I am considering moving this blog (I know I am moving the other blogs). I have no idea how many people have links to me, so I a bit undecided.

If I move it, it will be in movabletype, a program I prefer to blogspot. It will also be on a server that I have some control over.

:: Liz 7/23/2003 02:25:00 PM[+]

The Steek is now cut

First, a picture of my knitting regalia (I don't always use it)

The sweater before I cut the steek

The steek being cut (I did sew it first)

What I did today was get to what I decided (from years of practice) was the correct row to start the neckband on. I then put the steek stitches on a string and cast on 22 stitches in the center. I usually use an invisible cast on, but I didn't bother here, because I didn't use an invisible cast on in the back. I knew I was casting on loosely compared to my gauge.

I then cut the yarn and transferred stitches until I came to the back left increase stitch. I then marked this as my new start stitch and knit in the pattern for another 6 rows. During the last row I transfered the stitches onto a 41" needle I happen to have. If I didn't have it I would have either put the stitches on two or 3 needles or (most probably) put all the stitches on a ribbon (better than string). This is so I don't have to even think about stitches falling off the needles while I pick up and knit the neckband.

I then sewed the steek (after morgen put more thread in the bobbin) and cut it with morgen taking pictures of the process.

I will pick up the stitches for the neckband tonight with a 16" needle (a 0 - all the 1's in the house are in use, and I did the ribbing of the original iteration on a 0. 0's look good with my tension (I knit loose) on this yarn in ribbing. At least this is one thing that won't surprise me. I will most probably do the ribbing of the neckband in a plain 1/1 rib instead of a corrugatted 2/2 rib. I don't have to make this decision yet. I will make the first row of the neckband a row of plain purl, I think this adds to a the professional look of a neckband and do it usually.

Pictures of the neckband will come tomorrow.

:: Liz 7/22/2003 07:28:00 PM[+]

More knitting Stuff (but no pics)

I quit knitting last night before I went to cut the steek. I decided that cutting a steek and picking up a collar at midnight might just be stretching my luck. So, I just dropped the knitting and went to play a game and put myself to sleep.

Yep, I am going to cut the steek and pick up the collar as soon as I have 4 or 5 rows of connected sweater made. I am NOT leaving it to the end for these reasons.

  • The knitting would be scrunched. I am adding 22 stitches for the neckline, I only have 12 stitches in the steek.
  • One of the joys of knitting from the top down is that you can try it on and see if it really fits. You can't try it on if it is steeked.
  • I can't tell if it fits correctly in the neckline until I have a collar on it. So I will put a collar on it and test it out BEFORE I go any farther.

The knitting has become a joy now that I am past the first few rows. The hard part of starting from the top down is figuring out where you are in the top front corners. Some people just dice those corners, I probably should have. Instead I just prayed I was correct as to what stitches should be what color.

:: Liz 7/22/2003 09:18:00 AM[+]

More pictures

This is the sweater, started again from the top down.

This is the fake steek.

Thinking about it, I didn't need to fake the steek. I COULD have done it on a 16" needle with a true steek. BUT, I hate knitting on 16" needles (would rather use dps) because I have very large hands. 16" needles make them cramp. I mean really big - I can't even find women's leather gloves in my size.

I was correct to restart the sweater. I really prefer working from the top down. I have so much more control over my design that way. The tension is perfect. It MIGHT be a bit tight at the back of the neck - but I don't think so.

The new improved pattern knits up easier. The only problem is doing one of the patterns upside down while building it. I DID flip the patterns for the two that are not vertically symetrical so that I don't have to do it in my head while knitting.

Because I can't resist here is a picture of the 20 lb king of our house helping me knit. Costrophane is 15, just had his first geriatric exam. One of the healthiest cats our vet has ever seen. I knit in the basement and it is cool all summer. The blue background that looks like a couch is my robe.

:: Liz 7/21/2003 12:55:00 PM[+]


No picture until the morning.

I am going from the top down with the new, improved graph. Yeah, it was a hard choice, but the pattern is SO improved it will be worth it. Also, my gauge got tighter as I knit, and the sweater would (again) have become too small. This sweater is being knit in AS's bulletproof gauge because that is where I feel it looks best. I also decided that it was definetly going to be a raglan, and I didn't want to have to do an invisible cast on to get the sleeves where they should be.

This is one of those cases where the designing stuff is just different from the following stuff. I will probably be looking for a test knitter to knit the sweater (in another colorscheme) from the bottom up, once I have finished the pattern.

I will not give instructions for knitting it from the top down, because I am faking a steek in the neckline. I don't know how to purl with my right hand, and I hate purling fairisle anyway (I don't mind purling - I just don't like it when I am following a fair-isle graph. So - I have 6 stitches at the beginning of the end of each row that I am doing like a steek, and then I am cutting the yarn and starting again. I am at row 10 now, and I figure I will be doing this for 2 or 3 more rows only.

Right now I have to stop. My right wrist has begun to hurt (I forgot to glove it. This is because I am probably knitting too tight. I would rather not have this continue through the night.

I am listening to a lecture by Sharon Hayes on the inequities of welfare reform. I think I will have to buy her book. The problem is that it is Oxford University Press - so I probably can't afford it until I am employed.

I think this is a book we should all send to our congressmen.

:: Liz 7/20/2003 07:50:00 PM[+]

Somebody on CSPAN just quoted Emerson " Each person has his or her own vocation. The talent is the call"

I need to remember that. I have to stop thinking that what I am doing is not important. I can't draw, but I can design and love to do it. I can MAKE things. How many people these days can say that.

So, I am going to go sit in my chair and practice my call.

:: Liz 7/20/2003 01:37:00 PM[+]

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