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Important announcement

This page will be moving next week to

I will be rearranging the page, putting up a special section for the sweater design thing I am doing (so that the pages don't all get archived). It is my own domain, I have already moved the other blogs to that site.

Please change your links to work with these changes. I will probably put the new site up some time tomorrow, and play with it for the rest of the week.

:: Liz 7/28/2003 03:27:00 PM[+]

I was stupid

Today was the first house party that was held in our area for Dean. We raised over $7000. I am giving the next party - it is going to be a potluck and we are going to try and get people who are just curious about Dean there. Not quite so much fund-raising as getting out the vote. We are also going to try and get a bunch of teenagers and young adults there - if I could be Clean for Gene, my daughter can be Clean for Dean.

That is not how I was stupid. I was stupid by taking off my hat. After all, it was cloudy and this was a BBQ and I was HOT. Really hot. I was knitting while talking to people, and my hands started dripping sweat. At this point I put the sweater away - sweat doesn't mix well with Spindrift. The yarn starts sticking, even on Addi needles. But I got 3 or 4 rows done. I had an excellent time at the party, so did mg.

I think I am going to pay for it now. I can feel my face starting to glow. I was already beginning to swell up this morning (probably from being outside (with a hat) on Saturday morning). This is the most time I have spent outside this year. I have also been in remission for a year. I think the two are correlated.

So, if I get swollen this week, we can say "Liz is an IDIOT" and I can go back on chemo.

:: Liz 7/27/2003 05:18:00 PM[+]

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